• One aspect of the Success For All system is teaching children to be repsonsible for their behavior, their choices, and their role as a citizen in the school community. 


    Click here for a short video explaining the SFA Getting Along Together program that is implemented at Midland Academy


    Some commonly used terms:

    Social Contract - each classroom has a social contract which is developed by the students; it is based on the beliefs and the desires of the students in how they want to be treated, treat eachother and treat their classroom. 

    Check/Foul - during the first few years at Midland Academy, students are taught to be aware of their choices and self-regulate their behavior. To this end, a system of "checking" is taught that allows students to help their peers make good choices. As an alternative to "telling the teacher" or blurting out what someone else is doing, students are encouraged to use simple hand signals to remind their friends to "make good choices."