• Parents of students have the opportunity to track progress and attendance via the Ascender Parent Portal. Within this portal, parents can personalize alerts to help them stay on top of missed assignments, unacceptable grades, and/or tardies/absences. Kindergarten will not have grades on 
    Ascender since they use paper copies.
    Follow these steps to get set up on Ascender:
    1. Contact Donna at the front office 432-686-0003 or email dcornelius@macharter.org.  Ask for your student(s) Ascender Portal ID. The ID will be printed out for you and sent home with your student in a sealed envelope.
    2. Once you have your student's portal ID, click on the top right hand of this site's homepage or visit https://portal.ascender.escapps.net/ParentPortal/login?distid=165802
    3. You will be prompted to register as a new user.
    4. Once registered, you will be prompted to add your student by entering their ID and DOB.
    5. After the student is connected to your account, you can view their schedule, assignments, and grades.
    6. Click on the My Account tab to add your email address and phone number for alerts.
    7. Customize the alerts you wish to receive under the Alerts tab.
    Use the attached documents to navigate through Ascender and let us know if you have any questions.  


    Ascender Parent Portal Help Summary 


    Ascender Create Account


    Ascender Login Help


    Ascender Grades Help