• Read to Feed is a reading centered community project designed by Heifer International. Heifer International is a charity whose mission is to end world hunger and proverty. Through their many programs, Heifer International supplies impoverished villages and communities with sustainable agricultural and commercial resources. 
    Read to Feed encourages students to use their time to help others. Students set a reading goal and collect pledges from sponsors. As goals are met, pledges are donated to the school-wide Read to Feed fund. Our students have set a goal to read for 500 minutes. We hope, in meeting this goal, we can raise enough money to afford to fund An Ark - Heifer International's most comphrehensive agricultural package. During the Spring of 2017, Heifier International will MATCH our schools' donations.  
    How it works:
    1. Set a goal (we encourage each student to set a goal to read 500 minutes during the next month)
    2. Sign up sponsors (ask relatives, neighbors and friends to pledge a small amount to support your reading goal)
    3. Read, read, read
    4. Show your reading log to your sponsors and collect! We even have a site to make it easy: http://fundraise.heifer.org/fundraiser/933455
    5. Give the gift of sustainable food & commerce and show everyone that A KID CAN CHANGE THE WORLD 
    a kid can change the world