• Throughout the school year, our campus will hold several safety drills. Some of the safety drills will be announced by administration and some will be unannounced. When possible, the school will inform parents through e-alerts and/or notes sent home that a drill has occurred. 
    In the event of an actual safety emergency, teachers and staff will be focused on the well-being of students.
    Types of procedures/drills:
    Fire Drill - In the event of a fire threat, students are escorted to a designated area outside, safely away from the building 
    Severe Weather Drill - In the event of a severe weather threat, students are escorted in to the interior hallways of the school and placed in the duck-and-cover position 
    Shelter-in-place Drill - In the event of a potential threat to the building, access to the school is prohibited; no one is permitted to enter or leave the building; hallways must remain clear; students and teachers continue to conduct class as usual. An example of a shelter-in-place may be a disruption in the neighborhood or a suggestion by the local police department 
    Lockdown Drill - In the event of an imminent threat to the building, teachers secure the classroom, assemble students in a safe area of the classroom, and instruct the children to remain quiet. An example of a lockdown would be if there were a confirmed threat to school safety